Why Talk to Angels ?

If I had to pick one thing that I have discovered in my lifetime, a thing that has proved to be the most useful, most helpful and most reassuring (apart from fake tan)  I would have to pick angels.

I have had long conversations with them, over the years and they have helped me with all kinds of problems, ranging from money issues to what to do about boyfriends who don’t call when they say they will!

I channel angel guidance for myself any time that I am not happy with a situation in my life, and for other people when they are not happy with a situation in their lives.  It may be a small thing that I ask for help with….. for example it may be just that I feel pissed off with someone, or worried about money, or frustrated with the lousy weather!

Or it may be that someone I am close to is having a hard time and I want to know how I can help them, or even how I can stop myself interfering and trying to get them to do what I think they should do!

I also channel assistance when I am sick, and when other people are sick.  So really, I haven’t come across a situation that I wouldn’t ask for help with.  Although I have to confess that I used to ask for the winning lottery numbers and I was disappointed when I didn’t get them!  But maybe if I won the lottery, I would be too busy shopping and sunbathing to offer this service to other people!

I have written a book about these conversations called ‘Angel In Disguise’

If you would like to sample the book, you can read the first chapter for free here on the website.

I hope that it inspires you and brings you peace of mind.