Slowwwga – What’s it all about?

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What is Slowwwga?

slowwwgaThis Wednesday, I had the chance to try out slowwwga, in INIT Yoga studios, in Ringsend. Slowwwga is a type of yoga devised by Victoria Mary Clarke. Victoria says herself, that she finds meditation and relaxation hard sometimes, because she may think of random things, like shopping or eating cake. She is not unique in this assessment, as the majority of participants in the class also were of this opinion. Slowwwga is relaxing, and unlike other types of yoga, you end up getting all the yogic benefits of the stretches (sans the ashtangi body), without going through major pain – Victoria insists that you only go to where you are comfortable, and find which way is right for you. Slowwwga is really beneficial to anyone who sits at a desk, or over a computer all day, which most of us do nowadays.

The Class

We begin…

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