Michael O Doherty Interview

The astonishing Michael O Doherty!

Victoria Mary Clarke - Journalism

I just came across this interview with Michael O Doherty, from 2002, which deserves to be here, because it is very funny.  Michael won the three top prizes at our last Speaking Supper (google Speaking Suppers if you dont know what I am talking about)

I am not sure if he still has the Ferrari, I think it is now an orange Lambo

copyright Victoria Mary Clarke, 2002

Michael O’Doherty doesn’t know who he would kiss, given the choice of absolutely anybody in the world.  Elle Mac Pherson, Helena Christiansen, Kate Moss, I offer him.  “Nahh.  Cigarette-breath,” he says.  He really can’t think of anybody.  But then, he says, this is an entirely hypothetical question and he doesn’t do abstract or hypothetical.  He’s a practical man and he doesn’t involve himself with anything that is beyond his control.  Michael O’ Doherty is a media magnate who lives in a Ringsend…

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