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Media coaching to help you to use the media as a free resource for selling your stuff effectively, fearlessly and with charisma!

Victoria Mary Clarke - Journalism

After almost 25 years interviewing people for newspapers, magazines and radio, as well as researching documentaries for TV,  I have discovered two things.

1.  Everybody has a story!  And everyone is interesting.

2.  Most people get nervous/anxious/agitated/panicked/sweaty  at the thought of being interviewed!simon-cowell

I LOVE to interview people about what they do, I LOVE to help them feel happy about the experience, and I especially love to interview people who have set up their own business, doing something that they LOVE and are offering something to the world that can benefit other people.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to talk to all kinds of amazing, fascinating, entertaining and wondrous people….

jack.from Sir Jack Leslie, of Castle Leslie to Aisling the beekeeper  from Donabate

Bob-Geldoffrom Pete Doherty pete dohertyto Deepak Chopra the multi million selling author and teacher from India,

images from William Clegg the cobbler from Rathmines to Goldie…

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