Donovan interview

Donovan! What can I say? One of the most enjoyable interviews and one of the most inspiring that I have done

Victoria Mary Clarke - Journalism

Donovan and Linda Leitch  Interview, copyright Victoria Mary Clarke 2001

The mellow, yellow mists swirl soporifically, as your heroine and her beau approach Castle Magnor, on this particular moonlit night.  Red lace curtains shimmy in candle-lit windows and Tibetan monks chant from within, enticing them to climb the steep, silvery steps to where the front door stands open, welcoming them inside.  In the magnificent, empty hall, an exotic-smelling incense burns, beneath a beatific Buddha and a grand piano waits patiently, to be played.  We cast aside our belongings, wearily, and look around, but there is no-one to be seen.  Suddenly, in a cloud of red silk dressing-gown, Donovan himself appears, barefoot, greeting us.  Genially, he shows us to our room, a lofty, luminous, starlit space and whoosh, he is gone.  Back to bed.  From whence we have aroused him.  Donovan.  The man himself.  The Founding Father of Flower Power.  Troubadour…

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