Gardening Yoga….everything you need to know and more

Victoria Mary Clarke Yoga


Victoria Mary Clarke has been practicing yoga for 25 years,(ever since she was a baby) IMG_4724 and has always loved it even though she is really very lazy and not at all the type of person who gets up at 5 am to do sun salutations.

She doesn’t even do headstands

headstand and can barely manage one chattaranga!  But EVEN SO Vic firmly and completely believes that yoga is fantastic for keeping a body flexible and for keeping a mind as relaxed and peaceful as it is possible to be.  And so in 2009 she did her teacher training with Ganga White at and was thrilled to pass the exams and receive the certifiicate.


A few years ago, Victoria decided to take up gardening and to grow her own vegetables.

Vic in garden

She soon discovered that even though she is super lazy and did not enjoy weeding or digging, and in fact she…

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