Alberto Villoldo interview

Victoria Mary Clarke - Journalism

Alberto Villoldo interview, copyright Victoria Mary Clarke, 2003

For five thousand years, the Inka shamans of Peru have practiced  their own form of “energy  medicine”, a tradition that has been handed down orally from one generation to the next, surviving to this present day.  Once upon a time, the Inka kings ruled an empire the size of the United States and were regarded as the greatest civilisation of their time.  Nowadays, the Inka are a forgotten people, and their temples are a tourist attraction.  Their medicine has been disregarded by a society that relies on the quick fix of a bottle of pills or a last-ditch operation to cure its ills and the idea that our bodies are just machines to be fixed, when they break down has superseded the notion that our physical and emotional bodies are connected in any way, or that we ourselves are connected to each…

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