Why Attend A Manifesting Miracles Workshop?

Why attend a ‘Manifesting Miracles’ workshop?

judy_garlandIf you are familiar with the many books, courses and classes on the ‘Law of Attraction’, you already know that in order to become magnetic to the things, situations and events that make you feel good, you need to find a way to feel good and stay in the good feeling.

If you are simply sensible you know that feeling good is not an automatic response to things and situations in your life….you could feel miserable  zipping off in your Chanel suit to holiday on a tropical island, with  chanelRyan Goslingsunbathing and lying around in the sun in Prada Shades pradaand  Gucci flip flops. gucciOr you could be skipping through puddles singing show tunes during a rainy June bank holiday. You can always choose to feel good by choosing to feel good.

We have all heard this message over and over again…it is the message of ‘The Secret’ and the message of Abraham Hicks and Shakti Gawain and Florence Scovil Shinn and many many more masters in the art of manifesting.

But if it really is that simple, why would you want to go to a workshop to do it? Why not just do it at home?

I can’t speak for you. But I can tell you why I go to workshops….and it is for the same reasons that I teach these workshops.

  1. Focus

Of course we can all spend time by ourselves focussing on the things that we want to create and feeling good as we think about them. But in my experience I can do this for about half an hour before I start thinking about something else…..and quite often I find myself becoming distracted by the washing uphousewife or the shopping, or by the things that are happening to other people, or by remembering that I need to tax the car……life is full of things. And quite often the things are so distracting that I don’t even notice how I feel until I feel stressed or anxious or depressed and then the feelings become strong enough to be noticeable. And at that point I realise that I have not been paying attention to how I am feeling about anything, I have just been on auto pilot, reacting to things in the way that I have come to habitually react to them and not stopping to question the way that I am reacting. Even when it comes to teaching workshops. I noticed myself the other day freaking out and panicking and getting into a sweat about how to make people come to the workshops. Was I doing the right thing on Twitter? What was the right thing to do on Twitter? Where should I be doing the marketing and to whom and how and was it even a good idea to be teaching workshops in the first place? Would I not make more money if I re-trained as an IT consultant? Even if I am digitally challenged?

And so the reason that I go to workshops like this one is because I know that I will be focussing for a whole day on generating the good feelings that make me magnetic to those things that I am drawn to.




  1. The power of working in a groupImage

You could just sit in a room by yourself all day and focus, you may be thinking. And yes. I have done this too, I have found an empty room and worked by myself on this stuff, and it works. But doing this with other people is not only much more fun, it also affects the energy of everyone who participates through the principle of resonance. Which is simply that as energy beings, we respond to the energy of everything and everyone around us, and so when we come together in a group to generate a specific feeling it magnifies the effect and everyone feels that energy more than if we all did it individually…..in the same way that people always get more excited when they watch a football with other people, or go to a festival to hear live music, or dance in a club with other people.

  1. Techniques

Over the years that I have been researching this stuff, I have learned a huge variety of techniques to help me to generate the feelings that I want to experience. Some of them have worked really, really well for me and some of them have been useful in certain situations and some haven’t really worked.   So in this workshop I like to share the very best of the stuff and in particular the things that have been easiest and most fun to use.

You may have come across some of the techniques before. But knowing stuff and using it can be two different things….I do KNOW how to do sit-ups but I seldom actually do them unless I am in a class and everyone is doing them.

I have learned thousands of techniques for all sorts of things, but putting them into practice is what makes them work. In this workshop you will not only get to learn and remember the techniques, you will not be procrastinating, you will be putting them into practice.

  1. Learning from other people’s experiences.buddha bag

This for me is the golden nugget at the heart of the workshop experience. We can learn all this stuff from books and from youtube, and we can even put it into practice for ourselves in our own lives. But as you and I know, things don’t always work out as we want or plan them to. We don’t all sit down and draw a vision board for our new house and then walk into it the very next day. Okay, sometimes this does happen, and quite often the stuff that does manifest overnight or instantly is astonishing, but we also need to recognise any adjustments that we need to be making in our approach to this stuff. And in my experience it is hearing other people talk about their experiences that is the most enlightening and revealing of what we need to learn or even what it is that we might not be seeing so clearly for ourselves.

And so I share a lot of my personal stories about the stuff that I have successfully manifested in my own life….but also about the stuff that I have not managed to manifest and what I have learned from not having manifested those things! And you will be invited to share as much or as little as you like about your experiences and to hear what everyone else has experienced.

  1. Handling doubts and fears and demonseye

It is easy and lovely to row your boat on a lake that is calm and tranquil….and a lot of the time you may experience your life like this. You will be trundling along quite happily, content with what you have and not really needing anything more to make you happy. And maybe you just get curious about what you might be able to manifest if you put your mind to it…..so just out of curiosity you experiment with envisioning a new house or a different car or more money or more adventures or you may spend your time envisioning a more peaceful, tranquil and lovely life for everyone else or for the animals or for the environment. The possibilities for envisioning are literally limitless and once you begin to explore them you can get very excited.

But every so often the waters will get a little choppy and your little boat will get tossed around a bit. Maybe it isn’t because of something in your own life, but it is about something in the life of a loved one. Or maybe something changes unexpectedly in your world. Whatever it is it can affect how you feel and this is perfectly natural. We sometimes worry when we start getting into the law of attraction that we shouldn’t have typical human reactions to situations that are not to our liking. But of course we feel what we feel in any given moment, and getting annoyed with ourselves for feeling how we feel just makes us feel worse. And so it is useful and important to know how to navigate our little boats in these situations. And this is where the techniques REALLY come in handy and get to show what they are made of. I think of it as having the scuba gear in the shed and only a shallow pool to swim in….sometimes you are grateful for an opportunity to land in deep water so that you get to put your scuba gear to the test!

I am not suggesting that I don’t get dismayed or distressed or distraught when unpleasant things happen in my world, ……..or in the whole world which is also my world because it is all of our world…..I am saying that with practice it has become easier to navigate the turbulence and change how I feel about it and how I respond to it and to hold steady the vision and vibration that is more pleasant and pleasing and to allow that to unfold itself no matter what seems to be happening or not happening.

  1. Meeting people and making connectionsElectric-Picnic-covercouncil

Lastly for me, the experience of going to workshops and teaching workshops has resulted in my meeting and making friends with some amazing people….and these people share the adventures with me. Adventures are always more fun when you have people to share them with….especially when you get to the really good bits. But they also make the tricky bits seem much less tricky, because what might seem like an insurmountable obstacle to me in my life could be a piece of piss for you and vice versa and that is what makes us a team. Which brings me back to why I go to workshops…..

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  1. Love it. All so very true. It gives a sense of community and group empowerment.

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