Jonathan Guinness Yoga

If this doesn’t make you want to do yoga….

Victoria Mary Clarke - Journalism

Jonathan Guinness Yoga for Health copyright Victoria Mary Clarke 2010-(pictured above with his daughter Daphne)

Anyone who practices yoga will know that the headstand is not an easy posture to learn.  Most people are terrified of it, including me (and I’m a qualified yoga teacher.)  So it is with awe that I discover that the man I am chatting to at tea not only does a headstand every morning of his life, but can do one on this very kitchen table, if it is required.  Although he does worry that he might disturb the chocolate cake.

The man is Jonathan Guinness, 3d Baron Moyne, who recently celebrated his eightieth birthday.  Not for a moment would you think he is eighty.  He is handsome, with the brilliant blue eyes of his late mother Diana Mitford, and is possessed of a slim figure, dressed in casually stylish clothes and quite enviable posture. …

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