Angel Guidance via email

1950s secretary using typewriterRecently, I have been doing a lot of channelled guidance via email……you just email me a question and I tune in and ask the angels to dictate the answer.  It seems to be working very well, and I have had a number of lovely testimonials.  A great way to get guidance for one burning issue without having to make an appointment and come and see me!

This is the link to book an email channelling

These are a few of the testimonials: ‘I have had a couple of email channelling sessions with Victoria now and they have really given me food for thought. It may not always be what you expect to hear but it certainly makes you look at the wider picture of your life. Victoria has such a calming influence on me and has given me great guidance and advice. I have no doubt that she will continue to do this as I cannot imagine doing anything important now without asking her first! This last reading has blown me away because it was so in-depth and very thought provoking. Amazing woman, amazing reading… thank you.’ Lynne, Shropshire   ‘Dear Victoria Thank you very much for this reading, which is insightful, comforting and answers my question. I have read and re-read the response you have been given and can almost feel the gentleness imparted by your guides within the words to me as the questioner. I feel like I have just been given a very big “hug” and again am most grateful to you for bringing this through. We are all busy in this life and get wrapped up in our own selves and it can become intense at times, but I think I have now had a reminder to just let things flow and been given permission to relax, enjoy and have some fun with what comes. I am so pleased that I contacted you and thank you for this lovely reading. Bless you and kind regards Catherine Dawley

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  1. Hi need a lot of guidence at the moment personal problems with my Daughter and then my business to continue or close.Please guide me in the right direction. Patricia.

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