Why Do A Channelling Your Angel Self Workshop?

kitesurfing-girlLife is endlessly varied and there are many, many, many things that you can be doing with your time, from  learning Mandarin to kite surfing, from baking brownies to simply drifting on a little wooden boat.  So why, you might ask, would you want to spend time learning to ‘Channel Your Angel Self’?  What possible use would that be?

I decided to answer this question.

Really, it is a very simple answer.

No matter who we are, no matter how much green juice we drink, no matter how many sun salutations we do or how much we meditate WE ALL HAVE CHALLENGING TIMES!  We all find problems, worries, concerns, stuff to get upset and bothered about.CROSS FACE

Yes, even me.

We all have moments when something that somebody does or says causes us to snap, we all have moments when our thoughts take a downward spiral and things just look hopeless or gloomy or impossible or really really annoying.

It could be a little thing, like they way he tosses his wet towel on the floor, or leaves the tea bag in the sink or always manages to take a phone call when you are trying to share your fascinating insights……frustration 1

It could be the way the next door neighbour always takes your parking place, or the way they don’t quite get your latte milky enough at the coffee place…….

It could be the way you never seem to be able to afford a house anywhere near where you would want to live……

It could be the way that you really really want to squeeze into those jeans but you also really really like a scone or a muffin or a pizza to cheer you up when you feel fat……sleep deprived

It could be the way it clouds over when you decide to eat your lunch in the park……jd

It could be the way your back hurts it could be the way your neck is always so tense, it could be the way you want to have the energy to get to the gym but you are just too knackered……

It could be the way you worry because your parents are getting old…..

It could be that you have been diagnosed with the Big C and you don’t really want to tell anyone…..

The possibilities are endless.

And we don’t know if there are solutions to these problems.

What we do know for sure is that every problem, no matter how impossible it seems, looks different when seen from a different perspective.

The woman in Africa who has to walk miles for clean water every day would have a different take on your not milky enough latte, for sure.

But Channelling your Angel Self is not about guilt tripping you.

It is not about making you feel bad or stupid because other people have problems that are ‘more serious’

Channelling Your Angel Self is about taking you to a different place in your own mind so that you can think and feel differently about what is happening in any situation, no matter how big or small, how trivial or serious, how hopeless or impossible or unchanging it might seem right now.

Channelling Your Angel Self is about introducing you to a part of you who just feels so totally at ease with life, so totally chilled and trusting and secure and safe and loved and cherished and gorgeous and prosperous and wise and witty and wonderful and loving and lovely that life just cannot throw problems at you that you don’t feel at ease with.  The problems might not go away, at least not straight away.  But you Angel Self is perfectly okay with that.  He or she sees problems as opportunities, as adventures, as a chance to stretch and grow and get creative and feel more powerful and wise and wonderful.


Of course you may not believe me.

And I wouldn’t expect you to.

Not until you try it.

See ‘upcoming events’ for details of the next workshop!

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