Goldie Hawn

Victoria Mary Clarke - Journalism

Goldie Hawn Interview

copyright Victoria Mary Clarke 2005

Goldie Hawn is blonde, bubbly, giggly, girlish, and goofy.  She became famous in the 1960’s as a wide-eyed kooky kid in teeny weeny mini-skirts, first in ‘Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In’ on American television and then as Warren Beatty’s naïve girlfriend in  ‘Shampoo’, Later on, she became even better known as ‘Private Benjamin’ a Jewish American Princess who joins the army. Like Charlie Chaplin, Goldie has mastered the art of physical comedy, of slapstick, pulling sad faces, pulling happy faces, and always positioning herself up to be not the perpetrator, but the butt of the joke.

Many movies later, Goldie is possessed of a name and a face that is globally recognised.  And today that face, with its big blue eyes, cute grin and blonde bangs is gracing the cover of a book.  ‘A Lotus Grows In The Mud’ is the title…

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