Introduction from the Angels

Michael_IconThis is an excerpt from the angels introduction to my next book ‘Angel Advice For Everyday Situations’ which is coming out soon!

In the gap between the thoughts you are having now and the thoughts that you will have about these thoughts, there exists an opportunity to taste this love, to have a direct experience of it. Once you have experienced it for yourself, you will find that it is not possible to entirely forget that it exists. If we come together in this way to do only one thing, it is to tempt you with this love, to tempt you to experience it, and to tempt you to share it.

This is our blessing to you.

We hope and suspect that you will enjoy it.

You may be wondering who or what it is that is speaking to you.

We wish you to know that we are a collection of light beings who come to you in answer to your requests for assistance in your journey of evolution as human beings.

You are evolving into beings who can be simultaneously conscious of a physical existence and also of a spiritual or energetic one.

You are evolving into a race of beings who can be aware of yourselves as individuals, whilst at the same time aware of yourselves as one being. It is a beautiful thing that you are doing and we foresee endless possibilities for joy in your existence.

We can be of assistance in holding a vision of this joy and in broadcasting frequencies of peace and love so that you can more easily access them in your minds.

In this book, we give practical examples of new ways to view the situations and events that challenge your sense of peace and your sense of yourselves as powerful creators. We offer opportunities to see your lives in new ways, in order that you can access higher states of consciousness and feel the freedom and joy that they generate. By giving examples from the life of a real human being who genuinely struggles with these challenges, we hope that you can see that it is possible for you who also struggle to find the joy and freedom that we are demonstrating. This is our wish for you, if you wish it.

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