How to find love?

shane and vic 2‘How can I find love?” is probably the most popular question that I get asked!

This is one answer that I got from the angels.

A. The first thing that we would say to you is to remember always that your heart’s desires are not intended to make you feel frustrated or disillusioned or disappointed! Often, you truly do not believe that you can have what you want.  And if it is love that you want, after a while you may feel frustrated, you may believe that this is not possible for you.

We assure you that it is possible for you to find love.

We also assure you that it is entirely within your power to do so.

It is one of the most beautiful of your desires, this desire to love and be loved, but unfortunately you don’t always see it this way.  We often sense shame, when you tell us that you would like someone to share your life with.  You may feel ashamed because you tell yourself that nobody wants to love you, and for this you blame aspects of yourselves.  You tell yourselves that if only you could be thinner, richer, prettier, younger or more successful at work, you would have a better chance of being loved.  Because you tell yourselves this, you spend your money on products that will enhance your ‘attractiveness’.  And you are disappointed when they don’t bring you love.

What we will say to you is very simple.

You need to allow yourself to be loved.

You need to feel entirely lovable, just as you are.

If you can imagine being loved, you will become more magnetic to love.  This is not to say that you will not meet a lover, if you cannot feel lovable.  It is simply to say that the more you can love and accept yourself, the more easily others will love and accept you, and the more you will be open to love.

If you wish to become more magnetic to love, you do not need to change anything about yourself, it is important to realise this.  All that you need to do is to practice imagining yourself being loved, and to practice feeling love.  You can practice feeling love in all kinds of ways and for all kinds of people, and for all kinds of things.

Pay attention to the times that you feel fearful about love.  You say that dating makes you nervous, and this is extremely common!  Most of you are fearful of being rejected.  Pay attention to what you are saying to yourself, about yourself. Do you tell yourself that you should be different, or that you should feel different?

Become aware of your own relationship with yourself.  If it is not loving, begin to change your inner dialogue.  Tell yourself that you love and accept yourself exactly as you are.  At first, this may seem difficult or it may seem silly.  Do not worry!  In time, it will become a habit.  You will be in the habit of loving yourself.  And you will be amazed at the way the world responds to you.  You will find that you no longer need to look for love, love will come to you.


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