Help! I am feeling hopeless and depressed!

sad_dogToday I was feeling quite hopeless about life.  I was feeling particularly hopeless about how long it is taking for my new book to find a publisher!  And so I decided to channel my Angel Self and see what she had to say…


I am feeling hopeless and depressed.  Can you talk to me?

Angel Self.

What seems to be the trouble?


Even though this work that I do with you, having these conversations and writing them down is really the nicest work that I could do, I still don’t have a publisher for my book of angel advice for everyday situations.  Can you help with that?  Can you help to get it published?

Angel Self.

May we ask a question?


You may.

Angel Self

When you sat down to write, you said that you were feeling hopeless and depressed.  Do you feel that way now?


No.  I don’t feel hopeless or depressed.  I feel peaceful.  I feel that feeling of calm excitement, as if anything is possible.  I feel joyful and grateful just to be here.  And I feel very solid, very present.  I feel as if I am doing exactly the right thing!

Angel Self

This is a good feeling?


Of course it is a good feeling!  It is the nicest feeling a person can have.

Angel Self

In this moment, is it important that your book has not yet found its audience?


I don’t know.  Maybe not quite so important as I thought it was.  It isn’t crucial!

Angel Self

Can you see how it might be possible that simply being in this state could be the very thing that helps you to magnetise people to the work that you are doing?  Can you see how your very sense of calm, of serenity, of being in exactly the right place, doing exactly the right thing is the thing that causes you to radiate this sense of calm excitement and joy?  This sense of anything being possible?


I can see that, yes.

Angel Self

And perhaps the most important thing to say about this state of mind and of being is that it does not depend upon anything having happened in the world around you.  Has anything changed in your own circumstances since you sat down and said that you had a problem, and that you were feeling depressed and hopeless?


No.  Nothing has changed in my circumstances.  Hollywood has not called!  But I do feel very different.  I feel complete, and also completely different!  But could this really be all there is to it?

Angel Self

Indeed!  All that has happened is that instead of thinking about what has not happened and why it has not happened, you have turned your attention entirely to this present moment, to what is here and now, without any thought of what might have been or what should have been.  And in this present moment you have discovered all of those things that you have been waiting to feel….the joy, the peace, the excitement, the sense of possibility, all of it is here now.  And always was.



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8 responses to “Help! I am feeling hopeless and depressed!

  1. I enjoyed reading the above…and particularly your piece..All About Me !!
    (Even tho it may say Marceltina..I am Kristine Byrne !)

  2. thanks for your inspiration to see possibilities. Love your picture above of you and angelyou talking on phone. It´s really good.

  3. This is great, Victoria. Magical. And so true. Your angels make the greatest sense.

  4. Ever forward…each day brings a new angel. (kristine byrne)

  5. Cyndi

    Thank you, for you have helped me understand my own feelings of hopelessness. I’m the other side of the coin, working as an editor for a publishing house … struggling for the right books and to make sense of discouraging times.

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