What happens in a workshop?

vicbuddhaIn these workshops you will be channelling your own ‘Angel Self’.

This is that part of you which some people call the Higher Self, the part of you which is connected to Universal Consciousness.

 The reason that I am calling it the Angel Self is because it is unconditionally loving, and because it is always connected to the eternal and unbounded consciousness from which we have all come and to which we remain connected, underneath the various personalities that we assume as human beings.

This ‘Angel Self’ is the part of you who always knows the answers to your problems and challenges, even if they seem catastrophic and hopeless!

It is the part of you who knows what it is that you are learning and gaining from the situations that happen in your life.

You can learn to see any problem or challenge from the more enlightened, wise and compassionate perspective of your ‘Angel Self’.  Even if you still ALSO see it from the usual perspective of your personality.  

It is possible to encounter a problem in your life, such as losing your job, or developing a serious illness or being divorced from a partner and to panic and feel overwhelmed and in despair and ALL of the other things that we human beings feel while ALSO being able to step back, detach from the situation and see it in the way that you Angel Self sees it.

 Because your Angel Self knows the full extent of your power and also knows the full extent of the love that exists for you and because your Angel Self is always in a state of peace, serenity and compassion for all beings, this part of you will assist your personality to upgrade the way it thinks and behaves, and to see things from a more expansive perspective.  

In this way, problems that did seem hopeless begin to dissolve and transform themselves into opportunities and adventures.

In the workshop, you will learn simple techniques to help you to take any situation in your life, however disturbing, however hopeless and however challenging, and you will literally ‘channel’ your Angel Self, so that you can see the situation from an entirely different perspective.

In this way, you find solutions, you find answers and you find peace of mind.

In the workshop you will also learn

* How to evaluate the guidance that you channel.

* How to know the difference between the voice of your Higher Self and the many voices of your ego.

* How to be completely certain that the advice you are giving yourself is useful and helpful and is for your highest good.

* You will practice channelling your Angel Self for other people, as well as for yourself.

* You will learn practical tools to enable you to channel for yourself in any situation, so that you become empowered, self reliant, confident and secure.

  • You develop that part of you who is truly inspired, creative and expansive and ultimately you learn to live your whole life from this expanded perspective!


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