What is my ‘Angel Self’? Why would I want to channel it?



A number of people have been asking me this question.

What is my Angel Self?  What if I don’t believe in angels?  Do I still have an Angel Self?  And if so, why would I want to channel it?

And so, I decided to answer the question.


Your Angel Self is not something outside of YOU!  Your Angel Self is just  that part of you who is always serene, secure, self confident and utterly at one with the world, no matter what is happening in your life!  Even if your boyfriend dumps you, or you lose your job, or the weather is crappy!  Your Angel Self is that part of you who is inspired, creative, good humoured, patient, loving, understanding, wise and resourceful.  And you can always access it!

In my workshops, I teach very simple, practical, user-friendly techniques to access your own Angel Self, whenever you feel stressed or less than blissfully happy!



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