Help! I Hate this Crap Weather!



I find it hard not to feel gloomy when the weather is gloomy. Especially when it is supposed to be summer, and I would ideally like to be spending some time out of doors!   I wondered what the angels would feel about bad weather, so I asked them.

Sometimes the bad weather is not so bad because I am busy doing things indoors.  But after a while it gets tedious.  And I just find that I am more ‘down’ than up, when the weather is bad.  How would my Angel Self feel about bad weather?




It is perfectly natural to have preferences.  You enjoy being out of doors and you prefer not to be getting wet, at least not when you are wearing clothes!  You are asking how your Angel Self would view this situation, and how the response of your soul might be different to that of your human self.  The first thing you might notice about your soul’s response is that it is fully accepting of the weather, just exactly as it is.  As you are writing this, it is raining outside.  What are some of the thoughts that go through the mind, as you consider the rain?




How unfair it is.  What a pain in the ass it is.  What a waste of a summer.  How depressing, how disappointing.  I think about how people in other countries are enjoying sunshine right now, while I am here in Ireland where it is always raining.  On a bad day, I think about staying in bed.  Or I think about how I am too much of a coward to move to a hot country because I wouldn’t know the people around me and I wouldn’t know exactly how things work.  How I am frustrated by my fear of change.  Things like that.




And how does it make you feel, to think these things?




Frustrated.  Depressed.  Pissed off!  Resentful.  Angry.  Disappointed.




And how do you think your soul might feel, in the same situation?  What might she think?




I am curious to discover that!




Would you like to imagine for a moment that you can step into your soul, so that you can discover for yourself what she might think?



How do I do that?


You simply drop all of your thoughts about the weather, and allow yourself to witness it without judgement.  Become aware of it, without thinking about it!


Like meditating with my eyes open?


Yes.  Exactly.



Ok.  Here goes.  (Ten minutes pass.  I find myself becoming very relaxed, simply by observing the rain)


I am doing it!


And what do you see?



I look out the window at the rain.

I see beauty and magic in the water.

I marvel at the loveliness of the little droplets, clinging to the electricity wires!  I see how lush and pretty the trees look, in the mist, with the raindrops hanging onto their leaves.

I almost become the rain, myself, I disappear into it, as if I was swimming in it.

I see a black and white bird perched on top of a telegraph pole and he seems to be enjoying the rain too, he is not in a hurry to move, he is not sheltering or cowering he is simply rain bathing!

I love how the light is softened by the rain.  I love how gentle it looks.  The rain makes me feel expansive but also protected.  It feels like a soft velvet cloak.

It feels simply perfect, sitting here, looking at the rain and writing this.  I don’t want to be anywhere else!  I know that I am perfectly free to be in a sunny country if I so choose, but I don’t need to be.

I feel in perfect harmony with the weather!  Gosh, I feel like I am on drugs!  Like I took a happy pill.  Now I know why Shane likes the rain so much.

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