Help! I Am Influenced by Shane’s Moods!


I Am Influenced By Shane’s Moods!


I find myself being very much influenced by Shane’s moods. If he is in a bad mood, or even just very quiet, I find myself getting depressed and wanting him to cheer up, trying things to make him cheer up. I generally nag him to talk about his problems if he is being quiet, or I nag him to stop watching telly and do something constructive. If he is laughing and jolly, it makes me laugh and be jolly too. Or if he is being kind and thoughtful and loving, that makes me happy. I find it very difficult to have my mood be independent of his feelings and behaviour. Is that actually possible?  I asked the angels what they think!


A wonderful question! You may not have noticed, but this is a problem –or shall we say challenge?- which affects most people, this business of being affected by the moods of others, particularly the moods of the people that you live with.

The brief answer to your question is yes. Yes it is possible for you to have your moods be independent of other people’s moods and behaviour. Let us now discuss how this is possible.

First of all, and perhaps most importantly, you need to want to have your own moods! You may think that this is a given, but we assure you that it is not. Many of you are so accustomed to involving yourselves in the lives of others that you cannot even imagine being emotionally independent of other people, and because you cannot imagine it you do not intend it! To put it another way, you have come to believe that your happiness depends on the happiness of those you care about, and because you believe this to be true, you do not desire to have happiness independently, you do not ask yourselves the question ‘How can I be happy in this situation?’ Instead, you ask yourselves ‘How can I make my partner/sister/mother/whoever be happy?’


Yes, I agree with you. That is what I do. But I don’t know how to not do that! Help me!


Indeed. As we have said, the first thing to do is to fully intend to be happy, in spite of what other people are feeling.

Once you have made this decision, the next thing to do is to mentally summon back to yourself all of the energy that you have been sending out to other people, in your attempts to change their moods. If you don’t know how to do this, just picture yourself sucking all of this energy back to yourself, as though you were a vacuum cleaner!

Next, imagine that you are breathing in golden light, every time that you breathe, and that you are filling your own aura with this golden light, creating a bubble of golden light all around you. Notice how it feels to do this.


It feels very good. It makes me feel strong and peaceful.


Notice also if it has any effect on the people around you.


Well, funny you should say that. Shane has been lying on the sofa all day, watching telly and whenever I spoke to him he was grumpy. But just now he came into the room where I am working and kissed me. It may be a co-incidence?


It may be! But perhaps it is not. You will notice more and more that as you concentrate on strengthening and lightening your own energy, other people will be affected by it in a positive way, without necessarily knowing why. They will just find you more attractive! And more uplifting to be around.

Interestingly, the more that you try to help other people to feel better, the more that they will generally resist your attempts, and resent your interference. But the more you can feel better yourself, the more people are influenced by you!


Okay. I believe you!


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4 responses to “Help! I Am Influenced by Shane’s Moods!

  1. Fab stuff angel Victoria…I like it…it is indeed so very human…either to attach yourself to the other one’s mood , or as with another option…to detach yourself from anyone else’s mood..Sod’s law that those that are attaching types are usually attracted to those that are not…( or, probably, vice versa)…Suffice to say, that each could learn a little from the other and we humans could all learn a lot from the (more advance) animal kingdom…who seem to have it sussed…tis a rare duck or dog that worries too much about the other..the do just get on with it, yet are the most loyal creatures as well….

    ps…I wouldnt attempt ( in a million years) to get Shane out of a mood ! ( said with much love of my adored cousin, of course !!)

    Love the blog tho


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