Is There a Trick to Manifesting?

This is a conversation I had with the angels about manifesting stuff.


I am confused about manifesting.

Please can you explain it as clearly as possible, so that I can really understand how it works?


Greetings!  Yes, indeed we see and understand that you are confused.  ‘I want this thing, I visualise it, I imagine how it will feel to have it.  I do everything that the books and gurus tell  me to do.  And yet I do not have the thing! Why?’  Is this what you are asking?


Yes!  I thought I understood the process of manifesting.  But it doesn’t always work for me.  How can I actually get it?  Is THERE A TRICK?


Indeed there is a trick.  And so we shall speak about the ‘trick’ to manifesting what you want.

The trick is very simple.  And yet, for many of you it is not so easy to master!

The trick is this.   Really believing in the benevolence of the creative force, the force that you call God or the Universe or the All-That-Is, the Universal Omniverse.  Believing that this force intends love and good things for you, instead of pain and struggle.  The trick is to feel so at one with this force that it never enters your mind to doubt it’s intention for you.  The trick is to feel yourself to be part of this loving, creative force.

The trick is believing this so completely that you are never disturbed by what happens to you in your world.

Believing it so completely that you know for certain that anything and everything that happens is part of your own plan for joy and happiness, however circumspect the route may appear.

Believing it so completely that you are never frightened by what occurs or does not occur in your life or in the lives of those around you.

This is the trick.


I get what you are saying.

But I don’t always find that so easy to do.  I don’t always believe that!  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.  It depends on my mood.


Can you believe it in this moment?


I can believe it in this moment, because I am feeling peaceful.  Serene.  Tranquil.  Content.  Chilled.  At one with everything.


What has caused you to feel peaceful?  And all of these other feelings?


I don’t have to do anything or go anywhere.  I am just sitting here, focussing on this question.  There is no reason to feel anything else.  I suppose I am not thinking about anything.  Just feeling peaceful.


Do you suppose it is possible for you to feel peaceful more of the time?


I suppose it is possible. When I meditate I feel absolute bliss.  Like nothing I can even describe.  I feel fluid and free and I feel love.  I feel everything that a person could possibly want to feel.

But a lot of the time I choose to do things and think about things that are not contributing to feeling peaceful!  Like watching the news on telly or reading the papers or talking to certain people, or trying to park the car in a car park or worrying about Shane or people’s problems or my weight or what I look like or how much money I make.  All kinds of things disturb my peace.


Do you suppose that it is possible for you to deliberately choose to take action and to think about things which contribute to a peaceful existence?


That is an excellent question.  I would need to become much more aware of what I am doing and how it is affecting me, for that to happen.


Are you interested in having a more peaceful existence?  One in which you can believe in the loving nature of the creative force?


I think the answer to that question is yes!  I am very interested in believing in the loving nature of the creative force.  I am very interested in being more relaxed.  More appreciative.  Less stressed.  More trusting.  More able to ‘go with the flow’.  More enlightened.  All of the above.


And so we shall practice returning to this state of peace, until it becomes entirely habitual to be in it.  In the meantime, let us address some of the situations and challenges which disturb your peace!


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2 responses to “Is There a Trick to Manifesting?

  1. Something to remember when understanding Peace, at least for me! Peace on the spiritual plane is all inclusive, everything is as it is. But on the physical plane Peace looks so much different and can be confusing. Like the word love that most people associate with warm and fuzzy feelings, it is not always. When a loving God and a loving universe destroys your conception of life and Peace know that in that moment there is Peace, because there is no greater Peace than the Peace after a devastating storm.There can be no beginning without an end. I loved your blog!

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