How can we help you?

What is in this for you???

You may be searching for something?

You may already know what that something is.

More money, more energy, more enthusiasm, a more rewarding job, a soulmate, better friendships, better health, a sense of clarity about your life’s purpose and your soul’s mission for you, an ability to love and accept your body, just as it is, more fun, more adventures, a way to contribute to the happiness of those around you……..the possibilities are endless.

But you are in luck!  You have come to the right place!

When I first began to communicate with angels, I was in a pretty dreadful state.

I was alone in a hideous, dark, depressing bedsit, I was totally broke, I had no job and no hope, I was overweight and I had broken up with my soulmate after sixteen years together.

I really was completely miserable and I had no desire to keep on living.  Except for one thing.  I really really really really anted to know what had gone wrong.

Because I had read all the self help books….Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Shakti Gawain, Wayne Dyer, even ‘The Secret’.  And I had done all the workshops, listened to all the meditations, I had chanted, visualised, affirmed and even done witchcraft.  I HAD SPENT A FORTUNE ON SELF HELP!  None of it had worked!

And worse than that, I was still none the wiser about who it was or what it was that was up there deciding that I could not have the money, the great career, the fame, the beautiful house, the boyfriend.  Why not me?

And so I decided to have one last go at it, to give whatever it was up there one more chance.  I wrote a question on a piece of paper.  Addressed to the angels.  ‘I don’t know if I believe in angels’, I wrote.  ‘But if you are up there, I would like some help with a few things…’

And the angels wrote back.

They began to advise me on everything that I wanted and how to get it.

And they were so successful that I now find myself channelling angels for other people and teaching them how to do it for themselves.


 Angel Channelling? 

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